Yes, we know – you have spent too much time in the office and, although you don`t really feel like admitting it, you could use some active time. For those who are more active, there are bicycle rentals in the district, so that our guests can take a leisurely ride and enjoy the nature, the sea and the charm of the town.

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#2 Bicycle rental "Kosīši"

We offer you to rent a mountain bike for adults (5 bicycles available). The bicycles are suitable for sandy tracks. They are perfect to ride along 101 route. The road surfacing of the route is sandy in some places, while in other places there are roots protruding from the ground. Route 101 runs from Salacgriva to Tuja past the guest house “Kosisi”.


#3 "DUDU nests" bicycle rental

The "Dudu nests" rental offers very special and comfortable bikes for trips along the sea, or, according to the bicycle routes, for heading through the county roads.