Have you heard what is boatcycling?

It is a brand new, unprecedented route, which will allow to get away from the daily rush and give way to two days adventure. You and your beloved ones  will be able to enjoy the birds singing,  capture a moment in nature and enjoy the  river flow - half of the route covering on a bicycle and the other half by boat. The starting and finishing point of the route is one and the same, so you can safely leave your car there and return to it  next day. Do you have to take the bike with you while boating on the river? Definitely not, neither you have to carry the boat with you on your bike, because at the provided point of the route there will be held bicycle-boat exchange, thus your bike will be delivered at the starting point in exchange for a boat. In case you do not have a bike, don't worry! It doesn't preclude your voyage because it is possible to rent bikes and boats at Salacgriva.

Two routes are available now: Salacgriva - Ainaži - Red Rocks(24,5km on a bike), where on the way you can see Randu Meadows - home for various species of birds and varied and rare plants, as well as impressive Ainaži North Pier. Accommodation is your choice - you can sleep in a tent or recuperate on a bed in a holiday house. On the  second day- jump in your boat and after 19 km you will reach the finish of the route! The second route is Salacgriva - Vitrupe - Ķirbiži - Lauvas(29 km on a bike), where you definitely won't miss the Lāņu Manor on your way, then the road will take you to Ķirbiži Forest Museum where it's worth to linger and enjoy the beauty of nature. Also here choose your accommodation by yourself- there are two excellent guest houses on half way of your journey. 

What do you say, is everything already planned? Are you ready to enjoy the last summer days in active leisure near nature? We are waiting for you!

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Address: Rīgas iela 10a, Salacgrīva

#2 Boating+cycling in the Salaca

Boating + cycling = boatcycling

2 days route Salacgriva - Ainaži - Red Cliffs of the Salaca will allow you to get away from work and daily rush and give way to nature's allurement - the singing of forest and meadow birds, serene flow of the river and amazing landscapes.

Boatcycling  is a brand newunprecedented route which offers half of the route to cover on a bike and the other half by  boat. On a bike you will cover the distance from Salacgriva, through Ainaži to the Red Rocks of the Salaca and the way back you will cover by boat down the river with oars in your hands, from Red Rocks to Salacgrīva.

A great adventure and a proper action in 2 days time!