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#1 St. Arsenuis Ortodox Church

Ortodox Congregation began to function in Ainaži in 1889. There always have been few representatives of Russian nationality in Ainaži town. But a long time ago the Russian tsar promised to give land to those people who would accept ortodox religion. And so many latvians and estonians became the members of ortodox church.


#2 Lady of Refuge Ortodox Church

Built in 1873, architect R. Pflūgs. He is also the author of Birth of Christ Ortodox Cathedral in Riga.


#3 Lielsalaca Lutheran Church

In 1777 a wooden church was started to build. In 1857 it was finished maintaining the roof of the old church, the walls were built anew under the old roof. Altar piece ''Ascension of the Christ was painted in 1847 by the apothecary of Limbaži K. Gelhārs. The walls of the church are decorated with the reliefs made by sculptor Gustavs Šķilters. The pulpit and part of the benches has been maintained since the 2nd half of the 18th century.


#4 St. Maria Goreti Roman Catholic Church

Built in 1997 (architect D. Straubegs, long-term mayor of Salacgrīva). The altar cross with Christ statue is made by the sculptor Jānis Bārda. Wall mosaics "Maria Goreti" and "Vaclav Bridge"are the works of Mairita Folkmane.


#5 Liepupe Lutheran Church

Liepupe (Pernigele) Church is built in the period from 1777 till 1783. The church is extraordinary with its peculiar location of bell tower - on the side. Therefore the altar is not at the edge of the church, but in the centre. The pulpit is above the altar, and the pastor during the service stands in the middle of congregation. Church bell was moulded already in 1634, but the organ was obtained in 1834. On November 29th, 1971 there was a fire in the church. Baroque style church equipment, organ and archive were burnt. In 1989 the renovation was started. On May 22nd, 1999 restored church was sanctified.