For the lovers of Classical music

In August the 5th Salacgriva Festival of classical music occupies the city and our hearts for whole ten days. In the city, tittle-tattle of extremely talented children is omnipresent, various musical instruments are carried around in children’s hands and on their backs. The „cream of the crop”, the very best classical music artists from all around the globe can be met in Salacgriva!

“Nature and music - what can be better and more important? In Salacgriva, which is located in one of the most beautiful places in Latvia, the music is played not only in concert halls but also in open air, bringing even more freedom and positive vibe in the interaction of musicians with the festival visitors.”


Below you will find a few „To do” suggestions for a quality time also betwen concerts.

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#1 Yacht port of Kuiviži

3 km north of Salacgrīva the harbor of Kuiviži is located. The making of Kuiviži harbor is a special story – in 1860, longing for their own harbor, some 60 local fishermen deepened the mouth of Krišupīte river only using showels, thereby creating the aquatorium of Kuiviži harbor...


#2 Landscapes to be captured

Are you one of those people who love to capture beautiful moments in pictures?

Below you will find our pearls!


#3 Road of the pottery

Pottery is not the firt thing that comes to mind, when thinking about Salacgrīva. But the first impression can be false – if you choose pottery as your main object in Salacgrīva, you can walk long roads and discover new horizonts.


#4 For sailors

No matter where you tow your boat - in Salacgriva or Kuiviži, it is worth taking a look around!

If you tow in Captain`s haven, renting a bicycle on the spot might turn out easier than tying your own shoelaces. But, if you take a break in sailing in Salacgriva... 


#5 Fireman museum

Inhabitants of Ainaži are damn landlords - when in 1925. year a fire burned down the mill, a sawmill and a large quantity of exports of prepared timber, they became angry again pledged to prevent the powerlessness and continue to take care of themselves and their fellow neighbors safety.


#6 Lighthouses

As coastal people, we know how rough the sea can sometimes be - when waves, rain and the spatter of water mislead the boat from track home that it has taken. Lighthouses can save in such situations, which is why we have so many of them. 


#7 Horse-back riding

Here you can enjoy horse riding in the forest, across the fields or along the seashore. The kids can also go for a ride! Also we gladly accompany the newly wed on weddings and take part in client’s festivities.