Discover and get to know the most beautiful places of Salacgriva region when going on a hike.

It will be not only a visual pleasure, but also a great active holiday in any company or individually - one or two day hiking trails with beautiful natural landscapes, walking trails through the forest, along the Salaca River and the soothing silence of the sea.

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#1 Between two ports

The hiking route will take you on a short hike, during which you will have the opportunity to see beautiful, photo-worthy, natural landscapes!Walking along the route, you will probably see ships entering the port of Salacgriva, 100 swans swimming on the beach or you will feel the echoes of summer festivals in the Fishermen's Park!

It is possible to go hiking in both directions!


#2 Green railways

Green Railways - "Green Railways" lead along the former railway lines both in Vidzeme and Southern Estonia, allowing you to enjoy this adventure and see the sights along the way.

In Salacgriva region, "Green Railways" lead along the former railway line Ainaži - Valmiera. It is possible to walk, cycle, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, ride on a horse back and "ski" in winter.

Read more about this project on the website: https://greenrailways.eu/


#3 Lauči - Tūja. (Section 28.)

This section of the seacoast of Vidzeme is of outstanding scenic beauty with a lot of rocky capes and boulders in the sea alternating with small, sandy coves where the small streams and rivulets, which dry out in summer, flow into. Occasionally, the beach is completely covered with the gray backs of stones. In some places, small patches of reeds appear, while near Tūja you will see the first sandstone outcrops.


#4 Tūja - Svētciems (Section 29. )

One of the most beautiful sections of the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route, which begins by crossing the Zaķupīte River. Up to the Ķurmrags Lighthouse, there are mostly sandy beaches with small sections of stones. Further on, the Rocky Seashore of Vidzeme starts: capes alternate with small coves, while 4 m high sandstone outcrops emerge on the coast. Sandy beaches continue to prevail after passing Cape Meleki, while before the mouth of the Svētupe River the beach is thickly overgrown and reedy, so it must be bypassed via a forest trail.


#5 Svētciems - Ainaži. (Section 30.)

The beach between Svētciems village and Salacgrīva is thickly overgrown, so the Baltic Coastal Hiking Route continues on a forest trail meandering among the dunes. To get from Salacgrīva to Kuiviži, you can take the sandy beach or forest trails.