Salacgriva town and the whole region attracts with its unique sights, walking trails, the Salaca River, beautiful natural landscapes, adventures and the soothing silence of the sea.Here you will find great places and routes that will help you plan your ideal vacation.

Take a look below and enjoy the opportunities offered!
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#1 For sailors

No matter where you tow your boat - in Salacgriva or Kuiviži, it is worth taking a look around!

If you tow in Captain`s haven, renting a bicycle on the spot might turn out easier than tying your own shoelaces. But, if you take a break in sailing in Salacgriva... 



Salacgriva is a town of the sea and brightness of the sun. The harmony of Salacgriva's nature will strengthen your love for ever.

Salacgriva is a great place to celebrate and spend your wedding party.

Here you'll find wonderful places to take pictures of the most beautiful day of your life.