Velo route Explore the ancient manor roads

The cycling route “Explore the ancient manor roads” is designed as a circular route from Salacgrīva to Lāņi, the total length of which is 20 kilometers.

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#1 North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve

North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve is the only specially protected nature territory of its kind in Latvia. It is a vast area where internationally important natural and landscape values are preserved by ensuring sustainable social and economic development.


#2 Reisagrāvis

Reisagrāvis or Sandy ditch is a river flowing into the Gulf of Riga, located between Katlapi in the north and Svētciems in the south.The river flows into the Gulf of Riga north of Ķeguļrags.


#3 Ķeguļrags

Keguļrags - is a promontory that has spread in the sea and is widely covered with reeds. Ķeguļrags is a great place for bird watching enthusiasts, because in summer (especially in its early part), as well as in autumn, there is a migration of waders.


#4 Toberkalns

Toberkalns is one of the objects on the banks of the Svētupe, which also has an archeological significance. So Toberkalns is a recent cemetery - according to the antiques found in Toberkalns, amber beads, silver rings, it can be concluded that the cemetery dates back to the 17th century. There is the cemetery of the Fēgezaki family, the owners of Svētciems and Lāņi manors, as  evidenced by the foundations of the grave crosses still visible on the hill. 


#5 Svetupe lamprey weir

Lamprey weir is a specially designed footbridge made of spruce boards, fastening them together without screws and nails.


#6 Lāņi

Lāņi is a village in Salacgrīva parish, Salacgrīva municipality. Located in the west part of the parish, 10.8 km from the center of the parish and county, Salacgriva. People often associate Lāņi with Lāņi manor, around which a village was formed. Nowadays, Lāņi is more widely known among athletes, because for several years now a spring cross has been held along the paths of Lāņi pine alley.


#7 Lāņi Manor

In 1872 Lāņi manor (Lāndhof) was separated from Svētciems manor. In the same year Lāņi manor house was completed, which was owned by Baron Reinhard von Fegezak until 1940, who was an agronomist by education.


#8 IK "Ledus Oga"

On December 28, 2016 IK “Ledus Oga” was established. At the beginning of the company, it was possible to buy 5 types of ice cream and two types of sorbets. Currently, the range of "Ice Berries" includes 12 types of ice cream.


#9 Svētciems Horse Stable

According to memory stories, it can be concluded that the baron of Svētciems manor loved horses very much. Researching the history of the Svētciems horse stable, it can be learned that after the state land reform in 1925, the horse stable became state-owned and housed one of the first Latvian stud farms. 


#10 Svētciems manor

Svētciems or Sveiciems (Neu-Salis) was founded as a manor after the same name (Dorff Swatzhem) after 1638 and belonged to the Vecsalaca castle district.