Walks help us to relax and feel free, go leisurely and enjoy shorter or longer walks, get to know the diversity of the county's coast - the sea, dunes, rivers, meadows, forests, tourist attractions - all this combined with the enjoyment of beautiful views.
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Do you still remember the boring excursions from your childhood - rushing from one point of interest to the other, getting lost among the year numbers and not really being there? Well, we do remember! Keeping that in mind, we have created an orienteering route - a walk through Salacgriva - that will not only let you see the most interesting objects of the town, but ask you to be witty while finding answers to the questions in each of these places.


#2 Ainaži-a small town charm

Ainaži is a charming seaside town with a long history, which is permeated by the proximity of the sea, seafaring and its splendor.


#3 Along the historical trails

The route "Along the Historical Trails" provides an opportunity to look into history of Salacgriva town. The route will lead through the town, starting from Riga Street, which has always played an important role in the social and cultural life of the town.


#4 Road of the pottery

Pottery is not the firt thing that comes to mind, when thinking about Salacgrīva. But the first impression can be false – if you choose pottery as your main object in Salacgrīva, you can walk long roads and discover new horizonts.


#5 Kuiviži alley

If you take walk or a bike from Salacgrīva to Kuiviži, it’s worth it to stop and take a look at the Salacgrīva Fishermen’s park where for several years already the loved festival Positivus takes place. If you choose to go further to Kuiviži, go ahead, but if the strong sea wind bites too much, go back in the leeside, where the bikeway will lead you to the recreational complex ‘’Kapteiņu osta’’.


#6 Tale park of Munchausen

If you are strong enough and inquisitive, a walk in Munchausen`s forest will be perfect for you...