Boating/cycling in Svētupe

,Boating+ cycling= Boatcycling

2-day-route-Salacgriva-Vitrupe-Ķirbiži-,Lauvas- will allow you to get away of work and daily rush and indulge in the temptation of nature, meadow and forest bird singing, calm water flow and beautiful nature scenery.

Boatcycling is an unprecedented route that offers half the road  accompish by bike and the other half by boat.
 The distance from Salacgriva via Vitrupe and Ķirbižu Forest Museum to  Lauvas you will cover by your bike.
You will make your way back along the Svētupe with oars in your hands from Lauvas to Salacgriva.
Great adventure and good 2-days exercise in nature!
The route
The starting and finishing point of the route is in Salacgriva. You can safely leave your car near it, you will return here tomorrow.
Starting the 13 km long journey from Salacgriva to Vitrupe, you will not miss Lāņu manor. Keep cycling along the beautiful forest road to Vitrupe and carefully exit the A1 highway tand  turn right before the Vitrupe River to the
Forest Museum.
It's definitely worth to pay a visit here - a real corner of nature!
Then continue your journey to Lauvas, you will find the place after 9 km. There you will swap your bicycle yo pedals to oars and continue your route.
At this moment, depending on the rest of place you choose, the number of kilometers along the river that you can travel today  will change - 7 km if you stay at the guest house "Svētupe" or 12km  if you stay at the guest house "Kraukļi".
After a refreshing sleep, the second stage of adventure awaits you - a boat ride through the Svētupe, Jaunupe and Salaca to Salacgriva - 8.5 or 13.5 kilometers - again, depending on the location of your choice of accommodation. At Salacgriva you will finish your routeat the place where you parked your car and the bikes left to boat rental people will also be waiting for you. 

Before you set out, make sure to contact our boat rental office - to make sure that you can change your bike and boat on the day and at the time you want.
If you take your bike on the way, your boat supplier will pick up your bike and take it safely to Salacgriva, where it will meet you on the other day.

If you want to go on this trip but don't have your own bike - that's all right - in Salacgriva you can rent bikes!

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