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Boating+cycling in the Salaca

Boating + cycling = boatcycling

2 days route Salacgriva - Ainaži - Red Cliffs of the Salaca will allow you to get away from work and daily rush and give way to nature's allurement - the singing of forest and meadow birds, serene flow of the river and amazing landscapes.

 Boatcycling  is a brand new, unprecedented route which offers half of the route to cover on a bike and the other half by  boat. On a bike you will cover the distance from Salacgriva, through Ainaži to the Red Rocks of the Salaca and the way back you will cover by boat down the river with oars in your hands, from Red Rocks to Salacgrīva.

A great adventure and a proper action in 2 days time!


The start and finish point of the route is in Salacgriva. There you can safely leave your car - you will return to it tomorrow. Starting the 14,5 km long route from Salacgriva to Ainaži, you will have the possibility to walk through Randu Meadows, try to see different species of birds and diverse vegetation the homeland of which is Randu Meadows. Take everything you can in Ainaži, wheel your bike to the North Pier, there you will stretch your legs, allow the wind to blow in your hair and breathe the fresh sea air. And remember that Ainaži is rich in museums - Ainaži Naval School museum and Firefighting museum - maybe you would like to visit both of them? Getting back on your bike, wheel to the east! 10 km more before you till you reach the Red Cliffs at the river Salaca - the largest and most picteresque sandstone slope down the river. There think about the place to stay for the night - choose whether to sleep in a tent in free of charge rest place "Red Cliffs", in a private riverside of the holiday home "Zaļkalni" or on a cosy bed in the holiday home "Zaļkalni". After refreshing sleep new adventure is waiting for you - boat trip along the Salaca to Salacgriva. The pedals of your bike replace with oars of a boat and off you go! You'll finish your route exactly in the place where you left your car.


Before you set on your road, contact the boat exchange point to make sure that bike- boat exchange is possible at your chosen day and time.

If you are going with your bicycle, the boat supplier will take your bike and safely deliver it to Salacgriva, where at the end of the second day you can get it back.

If you want to go, but you do not have the bicycle - it's ok - you can rent the bike in Salacgriva.

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