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Ceramic sculpture Ferryman

In honour of the 80th anniversary of Salacgriva, a fire sculpture was built and burnt, which then delights Salacgriva residents and tourists as an element of amenity. Its author is the artist Imants Klīdzējs.

In nine days, a 2.5-meter-high stone sculpture was made in Salacgriva, on the left bank of the Salaca, on the site of an old bridge.

The ferryman leans against the ground with his hand, because the times are difficult - wind, rain and snow, but he must stand firm, be a guarantor of stability. He has an oar, a raft crook or maybe a city flag on his other hand?

The ferryman is not just a fictional legend, once the father of Roberts Spuriņš (Bubis) worked as a ferryman .Why "Ferryman"?

Salacgriva as a town began to form in the 70s of the 19th century, when the lands on the left bank of the Salacgriva belonged to the Svētciems manor, but the right bank was the property of the Vecsalaca manor. Traffic between the two sides until 1923 was maintained only by a ferry. Only then a wooden bridge was built and renovated every spring. 

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