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Ferroconcrete bridge in Annasmuiža

Ferroconcrete bridge in Annasmuiža the first ferroconcrete bridge in the Baltic States was built in 1908, but  founded in June 1909. The bridge offers a characteristic view of the Salaca - the most important salmon river - valley in Latvia, a nature reserve. 

Ferroconcrete bridges were introduced in the territory of Latvia faster than in other provinces of the Russian Empire, because the German Ferroconcrete construction company "Wayss und Freytag A.G." operated here.Today the ancient Annasmuiža bridge is used only for local traffic.

It had a great importance in the development of traffic routes in the Salaca region, because in the centre of Salacgriva there was only a ferry at that time. 

The bridge in Vecsalaca is one of the two bridges of the early stage of the ferroconcrete era on Latvian country roads, which have remained partially intact. The second bridge is over the Gauja near Strenči.

In 1944 German troops blew up bank supports and side spans of continuous bulks. After the war a wooden construction was restored, and only in 1962 the bridge was restored in its original appearance. 

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