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Lat: 57.753654, Lon: 24.386017

Learn to lathe pots

The ceramic workshop "Enkuri" - home of ceramist Imants Klīdzējs - is a very peculiar place. Being there is like an adventure itself - all around us art of different calibre, form and texture. Absolute calmness in the vicinity, it seems that time stands still and we are charmed by Imant's stories.

If you are planning to visit master's workshop, he'll enchant you with his stories about history of pottery, demonstrate his trade in action and allow to try it yourself. Imants is a ceramist- traveller, he has a story almost from every part of the world. This is one of the rare places where you can order and obtain his unique ceramic works.

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Address: "Enkuri", Salacgrīvas novads
Phone number: +371 29151889 (Nepieciešama iepriekšēja pieteikšanās).