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Monument "The White Sun"

The memorial stone “White Sun” was created by the sculptor Vilnis Titāns as a tribute to Krišjānis Valdemārs - the founder of the Ainaži Naval School. The memorial site was unveiled in 1998. Within the framework of his project  the “Sun Bridge”, the sculptor has installed environmental objects “Blue Sun” in Kolka and “Green Sun” in Strazde, because initially he wanted to mark the extreme points of Talsi district.

Later learning that at a time Kr. Valdemārs, making drawings on the map, recognized Kolka as the center of Europe, drawing a straight line on the map Kolka-Roņu sala-Ainaži, decided to mark these three points with the sun signs. Thus, in 1997, the sculptor's environmental sculpture "Fire Sail" was created on Roņu Island - a tribute to sailors. And in 1998, the inhabitants of Ainaži s got their "White Sun".

The sculptor has said about his chosen name the "White Sun": "White sun because the stone is white  and so is the idea. Valdemārs wanted Latvians to travel around the world with their sailing ships. Let this sign remain here to this bright though ".  On the surface of the rounded stone there is is part of the world's map crossed by a bronze line. The stone is surrounded by the sun's rays, thoroughly decorated with Latvian signs of strength.

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