Nature park Salaca Valley

Salaca Valley Nature Park is a nature park belonging to the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, which covers the Salaca River Valley from Mazsalaca to Salacgriva. The nature park has been established to preserve the habitat complex of the Salaca Valley, the habitats of specially protected species and the landscape diversity of the valley. This is an important area of several habitats of the EU Habitats Directive - sandstone outcrops, undisturbed caves, sloping forests, avocs, river streams and calcareous soils of dry meadows, etc. protection. Outstanding landscape value in many sections of the river, especially near Mazsalaca in the vicinity of Skaņaiskalns, below Staicele, Mērnieki rapids and Red Rocks. The territory is also important from a geological point of view (Pietraga Red Cliffs, Dauģēni Cliffs and Caves, Neļķu Cliffs and Caves, Silmači Rock and Caves, Bezdelīgu Cliffs and Caves, Dzelveskalns Outcrops and Caves, etc.).

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