Orientation game "Ainaži town then and now"

 During the orientation game, you will have the opportunity to “travel through”  the history of Ainaži in an exciting way.

Ainaži has been a Livonian fishing village for centuries. In 1864, the first maritime college in the territory of the Russian Empire was opened there, where young Estonian and Latvian farmers were trained as ship captains. With the opening of the school, the shipbuilding industry also developed and a port was built (1900-1905). In the period from 1857 to 1913 more than 50 ships were built in Ainaži. Before the First World War, Ainaži was the fourth largest port in Latvia. During the Soviet era, Ainaži fell into the shadow of nearby Salacgriva. Ainaži was granted town's rights in 1926. Today it is the smallest town in Vidzeme.

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