Many people definitely remember the Rafting Festival in Salacgriva 10 years ago. At that time the 70th anniversary year of Salacgriva town was the driving force behind the fact that the legend of Salacgriva Bubis, i.e. Roberts Spuriņš, suggested  that people and the Salaca itself should remind them of the times when the river brought rafts to the sea from near and far.

In 2001 during  80th anniversary year of the town, there was a new Rafting Festival in Salacgriva .Already in February raftsmen and municipal employees met to discuss the organization of the festival. It is believed that the floating of trees along the rivers of Latvia began at the same time as the city-type settlements arose, the supply of which with firewood, timber and rainwood was not otherwise possible. As the medieval economy flourished, the need for timber increased with each century.Tree rafting along Latvian rivers became commonplace. In order for the Salaca rafts to move forward, raftsmen had a tool-crook to pull logs through water. The first chief of the Salaca rafsment was Paulis Skuja.

Every year raftsmen are welcomed in the port of Salacgriva with a raised flag.Thanks to Salacgriva Museum for information and photos!

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