Atrašanās vieta
Lat: 57.833107, Lon: 24.344416

Randu medows

The trail leads to a bird watching tower through meadows and a dune adjoining them, covered by pine wood and lance. In some places, wooden plank-way simply alternates with a well-marked foot path. The Randu Meadows are the only seaside meadows in Latvia with such a large diversity of habitats and plant species. Almost all coastal habitats characteristic for Latvia can be found here, including the largest complex of seaside meadows and lagoons. Among the rare species recorded in the Red Books of Latvia, as well as various European countries, you can find the red fescue, creeping sedge, reed foxtail, sea sedge...

After a longer break, meadow grazing is resumed in the Rand meadows - 11 Galloway cows will graze on an area of approximately 20 hectares in Randu meadows.The maximum grazing time is planned until the end of October.

An internationally recognized bird migration and nesting site.If you're lucky, you'll see the great grebe, reed warbler, Shintsa's warbler, ormanite, gugatni or river tern.

All visitors who come to the Randu meadow trails with dogs are requested to keep them on a leash, as the trail also crosses the pasture area.

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