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Society boat

A fishing boat can be seen at Rigas Street 10, Salacgriva. In November of 2006 it was donated to Salacgriva town by fisherman Visvaldis Šrenks. European Union regulations do not allow our fishermen to develop their fisheries. On the contrary, it has to be narrowed. Visvaldis had a choice: to donate the boat to the town for non-profit use outside the fishery or to return it for slicing. Visvaldis chose the first option. In 1922 the building at Rīgas Street 10 became a regional and then a city board building. In1924 the postal and communications department has also made a request to the central Land department planning commission to allocate these premises to the Postal department. However, the State Land Department preferred the city board, and so this place in Salacgriva became the seat of the city executive power for 73 years. In this house in December 18, 1926 the historical decision to rename this region as a town was made with 9 votes in favor and two against. On November 10, 1995 the Town's Council experienced relocation -  the board moved to the premises of the former Salacgrīva ZKF kindergarten, Smilšu 9. In December of the same year, a fire broke out and destroyed the old historic wooden building.

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