Svētciems Horse Stable

According to memory stories, it can be concluded that the baron of Svētciems manor loved horses very much. Researching the history of the Svētciems horse stable, it can be learned that after the state land reform in 1925, the horse stable became state-owned and housed one of the first Latvian stud farms. The task of the small farm was to start purposeful, planned breeding of pedigree horses in order to provide Vidzeme region with the necessary type of horses - breeding stallions and mares. From the establishment of the stud farm until the beginning of the 1940s, 42 valuable breeds of mares and 61 breeding stallions were bred there and recorded in the stud-book and 120 riding horses were sold. The historical significance of the Svētciems stud farm lies in the fact that there have been laid the foundations for the well-known and popular "Latvian horse-breed" and the sporty type of this breed  throughout the Soviet Union and far beyond its borders. The stud farm existed there until 1945, after that it was managed by the Soviet farm “Salacgrīva” of Limbaži district. In later years, the horse stables of Svētciems manor became the property of the municipality. After the sale at the auction, the owners of the Svētciems horse stable changed several times and now its owner is the Estonian businessman Raimonds Parns, who is currently carrying out the reconstruction of the building. As Raimonds himself puts it, ““ this place is very beautiful, there is a highway nearby and passing the complex is well visible and noticeable. All three buildings will remain as they have historically been. It is likely to be a leisure, meeting and conference center with large, spacious and open premises. ” It is also planned to create a retro car showroom in the complex, because Raimonds collects old cars.

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