Svētciems manor

Svētciems or Sveiciems (Neu-Salis) was founded as a manor after the same name (Dorff Swatzhem) after 1638 and belonged to the Vecsalaca castle district. The first written evidence of Svētciems manor dates back to 1690, when it was separated from Vecsalaca manor. The manor has had several owners over time.
The last owners of the manor were Barons Fegezaks. On April 8 1864 the manor was taken over by Reynolds Leopolds Fegezak for 180,000 silver roubles.
 Svētciems manor was engaged in farming and raising horses. Svētciems manor house castle was located in Svētciems park. The castle was built of wood and had 72 rooms. The surroundings of the castle were beautifully arranged and the park was well maintained. The manor house of Svētciems manor burned down on Ligo night in 1922. According to stories, the castle was burned deliberately because of the careless smoking of the servants.
The building started to burn from the attic.
Thanks to the Salacgriva museum for information and photos!
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