Atrašanās vieta

Svetupe lamprey weir

Lamprey weir is a specially designed footbridge made of spruce boards, fastening them together without screws and nails. Nowadays, screws are also used for fastening. The supports on the riverbed are driven by “kurķis” - a heavy hammer, so they say not to build, but to hit the weir. In order to be able to easily immerse traps in the river stream, a 30-40 cm wide board deck or footbridge is installed on the surface. In Svētupe, small traps are usually used for lamprey fishing, which are suitable for daily insertion and lifting while standing on the footbridge. The trap is placed in the river in the evening when it gets dark and removed at dawn, checking the catch once in  an hour. Lamprey fishing in Svētupe takes place from August 1 to February 1. When the river freezes completely, the owners have not only take care of ice- holes where lamprey baskets are inserted and removed, but also take care that the ice cover does not raise the supports of the weir or destroy it when the ice rises.

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