Toberkalns is one of the objects on the banks of the Svētupe, which also has an archeological significance. So Toberkalns is a recent cemetery - according to the antiques found in Toberkalns, amber beads, silver rings, it can be concluded that the cemetery dates back to the 17th century.

 There is the cemetery of the Fēgezaki family, the owners of Svētciems and Lāņi manors, as  evidenced by the foundations of the grave crosses still visible on the hill. It is not yet possible to find information about the origin of the name Toberkalns, but it is known that the hill is also called the Swedish cemetery and in 1930 a story about ghosting and meeting the Devil was recorded.

A story has been recorded about Toberkalns that a hunter once went hunting. He saw a fire and went to see it. As soon as he approached the place, a red bull ran out and pounced at the hunter.

He put on the pastals upside down and took a shovel. He went to the place and began to dig a pit. When he had digged and taken out the gold, a stranger came and asked what he was doing. As soon as the hunter heard these words, he ran away, but could not escape anywhere. The stranger said, “You will never get out of this place. You will always see ghosts. ” As this stranger said, so it happened. Every time he saw the ghosts.

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