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Vecsalaca manor

At the18th century Vecsalaca Manor, acquired by an old family of landlords - Ferzens - became an important center of economic and cultural life in the region.
By nobility, the new owners were barons, freemasons, and counts, with the coat of arms depicting a flying fish with bird's wings and a ring in its mouth.
If in Kurzeme  in the second half of the 18th century, the largest collection of works of art belonged to the Duke of Courland, then the Vecsalaca (or Lielsalaca) manor had one of the largest collections in Vidzeme.
The manor was located on the right bank of the Salaca River, several kilometers from the mouth of the river. The road from the center of the manor crossed a bridge decorated with sculptures.
The manor house had artificial castle ruins, which at that time belonged to modern landscape architecture. The Maritime Museum of Baron Ferzen, housed in the Salacgriva castle ruins, may have been his most significant contribution to the region's cultural heritage.
Unfortunately, only stories have survived. For example, the museum windows overlooked the sea and the estuary. At the turn of the river, the base of the Ferzen flotilla, consisting of 6 large sea boats was located close the castle mound.. The museum holds binoculars of various eras and countries, nautical charts and nautical supplies, as well as a collection of engravings. However, the museum ceased to exist when Ferzen retired. Baron and his relatives were laid in a family chapel in Salacgriva.
Thanks to Salacgriva Museum for information and photos!

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