Zaķu boulder

Zaķu boulder (also Zaķupes stone) is a geological and geomorphological natural monument in Liepupe parish. The stone is located in the former Zaķu gravel-pit east of Tūja village, 150 m north of Zaķupe.

The boulder is dark gray and black, its height is 2.7 m, length 6.4 m, width 5.5 m and volume 47 m3. It is an amphibolite with biotite gneiss bands as well as moderately crystalline with larger pyroxene crystals. The stone was found between 1962 and 1965, when gravel was dug in the gravel-pit. In 1978, the gravel-pit was recovered - a forest was planted in it. Part of the boulder has been broken into pieces, as there have been attempts to divide the stone into tombstones.The surroundings are landscaped. Zaķu boulder is a state protected natural monument.

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